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7-12 Station Units: Fantastic

The Fantastic is a spectacular, upscale unit designed to impress even the toughest critics. Perfect for upscale weddings, corporate events, high-end fundraisers and in an endless variety of other applications.

These trailers set the standard for exquisite features including real wood maple stained trim, wainscoting, crown and chair molding, woodgrain floors, marbled walls, six panel doors with levered handles, and recessed LED lighting. They are the standard by which other high-end trailers are judged.

Available in multiple sizes and styles, the Fantastic can be equipped with additional features such as music, flat-screen closed-circuit television and more!

It is the perfect complement to an extravagant event that make your guests feel welcome and appreciated.






18' Cutout2.jpg18presidential2.png                                    18' Cutout2.jpg 24presidential2.png




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Signature Services


Restroom Attendant

Keep your restroom stocked, tidy and clean through your event.


Tiki Torches

Illuminate the path to your restroom for night events.


Amenity Baskets

Customized per request


Signature Package

Includes 2 floormats, personalized chalkboard message, fresh flowers, basket of mints and LED candles in each unit.