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3 to 4 Station Units: Porta Lisa Plus




Porta-Lisa Plus provides comfort and privacy with a smaller footprint.  With 3 or 4 station units, it can be perfect for any event.

PLP 4 Cutout_2.jpgPLP4DOOR.jpg

With both sink and toilet in the same stall, it provides your guests with the ultimate privacy.  Plus, its compact size and maneuverability make it a great solution for just about anywhere.  

Available in several styles and configurations.

4 to 8 Station Units: Urban Style

The Urban Series interior is a sleek, durable design that is truly one of a kind.  Available in multiple configurations, this retro-style interior is one of our most popular lines..

Features a contemporary color scheme of gray and black with stainless accents, its distinctive cathedral arched stall doors, custom valances and etched mirrors make the Urban Series an excellent choice for high end events.  

The durable, graffiti-resistant materials also make the Urban Series an option for your commercial projects.  The combination of ultimate durability and modern style have launched the Urban Series, particularly in urban areas

4 to 8 Station Units: Cottage Style

The Cottage Series is our most popular line of interior styling and is available in several configurations.  The Cottage Series gives you a fresh style combined with comfort and practical simplicity.


This series features distinctive wainscoting, crown molding, graffiti resistant walls, wood grain flooring, and individual stalls with 6-panel doors.  Neutral wall colors with white trim create the clean and spacious feeling that your guests will appreciate.

Signature Services


Restroom Attendant

Keep your restroom stocked, tidy and clean through your event.


Tiki Torches

Illuminate the path to your restroom for night events.


Amenity Baskets

Customized per request


Signature Package

Includes 2 floormats, personalized chalkboard message, fresh flowers, basket of mints and LED candles in each unit.