A Johnny On The Spot Company

Special Events

The elegance and comfort that you get with our luxury restroom facilities will provide you and your guests with the dignified privacy in even the most remote locations.


Whether you need portable restrooms, changing rooms or shower facilities - electric or solar powered - our wide range of products can provide you with the comfort and prestige that you deserve.



Corporate Events


Corporate events require an unusually high level of planning and coordination to set up and maintain. We offer VIP trailers with flat screen televisions so you can play slideshows, movies or highlights of your event.

On-site attendant services are available as well.


You can count on our professionalism, timeliness and exceptional service to make your event unforgettable.




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Signature Services


Restroom Attendant

Keep your restroom stocked, tidy and clean through your event.


Tiki Torches

Illuminate the path to your restroom for night events.


Amenity Baskets

Customized per request


Signature Package

Includes 2 floormats, personalized chalkboard message, fresh flowers, basket of mints and LED candles in each unit.