A Johnny On The Spot Company

Film and Entertainment

Red Carpet Restrooms is proud to have supported the film and entertainment industry for over ten years, providing comfort and convenience to the music, television, movie industries.

Understanding the demands that come with entertainment, we are on-call as needed.

Additionally, our involvement in both political conventions and secure corporate engagements required that we have undergone the background checks and have been granted clearance by the Department of Homeland Security to access secure facilities such as oil refineries, military bases and local and federal government facilities.  We have discovered that this clearance has been advantageous in supporting the entertainment industry.

Naturally, we use only environmentally friendly chemicals.



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Signature Services


Restroom Attendant

Keep your restroom stocked, tidy and clean through your event.


Tiki Torches

Illuminate the path to your restroom for night events.


Amenity Baskets

Customized per request


Signature Package

Includes 2 floormats, personalized chalkboard message, fresh flowers, basket of mints and LED candles in each unit.